It Appears I'm Going To Live After All...

So I saw the charming and talented Dr. H this morning. Upon entering the room he exclaimed, "It's so good to see you again, young lady!" See why I adore him??? I have been on the wrong side of ahem, 40, for more than a decade, so I lap that stuff up! Then he asked me why I waited so long to see him after the onset of symptoms & I told him I was afraid of looking like a hypochondriac. He assured me he doesn't come in on a day off for hypochondriacs, said my cough was really bad, and asked if I preferred "evil western medicine medicine like I'd take myself if I had what you have, or some more naturopathic-type remedies?" I said I thought the time for natural remedies had come and gone. He said, "Smart lady." I mean really, I am all for natural remedies if they work, and sometimes they do, but sometimes you gotta bring out the big guns that have actual science behind them and can kill germs and stuff. So I got my evil western medicine medicine. He said I can go back to work on Monday and said, "Don't drive after taking your cough syrup." I think I can handle that. So it looks like I can put off having, "I told you I was sick!" put on my tombstone for another day. He told me never to wait so long to see him again when confronted by an upper respiratory ailment & I promise I won't!

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  1. You are a smart lady--and a funny one too! Get well soon, you old French whore!