"...Binders Full of Women..."

OK, anyone who is undecided by now, must just be fucking brain dead.

I'm going to go point by point on things I noticed, as I see it, in no particular order. Because I can.

1.) Martha Raddatz RULES! Candy Crowley is no Martha. But she did say, "If I could have you sit down, Governor Romney." So now I'm in love with her. I might actually go gay for her.

2.) Also, Ms. Crowley did fact check Romney right then and there regarding whether or not Obama called the attack on the Ambassador to Libya & his staff an 'act of terror'. I loved the President being all presidential ("I'm the President." Word.) smacking that punk-ass Romney down. Mittens was accusing the President of NOT calling it a terrorist attack. Obama calmly said, "Get the transcript." And then Candy said, "Yeah, he did say it." So there. Do your homework.

3.) Romney's patronizing stance on women. That is, "...if you're going to have women in the workforce..." IF???  And don't get me started on the "...binders full of women..." Yep, I have 'em! Binders FULL of them. Um, Mitt, how many Elders in the Church of Latter Day Saints are women? None? Oh, I see. You have to see the Hillary Clinton meme of her looking at her iphone in her sunglasses and the caption reads, "Romney still uses binders? LOL"

4.) When a woman asked what would he do to keep AK-47s off the streets, Romney said, basically, "mommies and daddies". He said he has no interest in proposing any legislation which would have any kind of impact on gun violence (thereby effectively kissing the NRA's ass. Oh did you know the NRA has a shit ton of money? A SHIT TON. And it's all going to the white guy for president.) but that education (which the Romner/Ryan Plan would eviscerate) AND having two parents at home would go a long way towards stemming the inevitable tide of violence on our city streets. I can't make this shit up. But, by the way, didn't the dude who shot up that theater in Denver this summer come from a 2 parent home? And those Columbine kids? And the guy who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords? Huh. I'm just sayin'...

5.) Oh yeah, Romney's plan for reducing the deficit by reducing taxes "across the board" (which makes NO SENSE AT ALL), and helping the middle class by getting rid of the Capital Gains Tax!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Capital Gains. Right, Mitt. Who has those anymore? Not I.

6.) I noticed that conspicuously absent from Mitt's sack of lies was the "six scientific studies" that back up his ephemeral "economic plan", since that was largely blown out of the water earlier today and yesterday. What the "six scientific studies" were in reality were 3 blog posts, 2 partisan "reports" and a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed. Oops! Well, what do you expect from a guy who DOESN'T BELIEVE IN SCIENCE, people?????

7.) Then there's the 'I'm gonna create bazillions of new jobs' b.s., while simultaneously shouting that government doesn't create jobs!!! Which one is it, Mittens?

OK well, that's all I have time for tonight. But I'd like to end with a quote from my brilliant future OFW niece Brooke, who posted to Facebook during the debate, "Ugh put your nose even further up Ronald Reagan's dead ass and you'll be accused of necrophilia."


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  1. Mittens! hahahahahahaha. I love it. He is Mittens to me from now on.