In the beginning...

... there was a young French whore. Probably. Somewhere. But that wasn't me. I'm American, although I do sport a French surname with a certain jaunty insouciance. But as I grew older in this world which is at once stupendous & stupid, insane & oddly logical, unpredictable & sometimes predictably cruel, I developed a sensibility that seemed to be summed up perfectly in "Old French Whore". I did not invent the term. There have been Old French Whores for as long as there have been French Whores of any stripe, but my dear friend "S" came up with the term as it applies to women of a certain age, namely "S" & I. Many of our friends qualify as OFW's, but alas, many do not.

What this blog is not about, (sorry freaks!) is pornography. I'm not anti-pornography, what kind of OFW would I be if I was? I just don't care about it. I don't want to write about it. And the pornographers of the world don't need my help making a buck, so they can write about that if they want to.

About moi: I am an unemployed woman of said certain age with a little time on her hands and I thought, well, if Charlie Sheen can do it, (via twitter) why can't I? Admittedly, tiger blood does not course through my veins, but I have been accused of being part wolverine on more than one occasion. And us Old French Whores usually hail from Venus, not Mars, but well, you get the gratuitous topical reference.

"Us Old French Whores", you say? Oui, I am not the only one. I may be the only one currently blogging, but I am not alone. My philosophy and criteria for Old French Whoredom will eventually spill out onto the virtual page as my ramblings begin to flow, but since no one is paying me to do this, I'll take my sweet time, which, by the way, is a characteristic of Old French Whores.

So every day, or whenever I feel like it, I'll write about whatever in the hell I want.


  1. I am sure we will all be the better for reading your wise insights into the human condition.

  2. i love it - keep going girl - and make sure to post your blog onto Facebook so that the word can get out! You are a genius and a brilliant writer! Xo

  3. Wow, Found you on Twitter. I am sure you do have searing intellect, literary, quick wit and based on your blog's name, you're far more gutsy than I. We share at least one thing in common. I sport a French sir name too. I am really on the web to enjoy what I find an promote my business. How is your new job going?
    Au Revoir,