Books. You Remember Books, don't you?

I just finished a really good one. Paul Constant wrote a good review in The Stranger. In fact, it was the review that made me buy the book.


The book is called 'Embassytown', and it's by a guy named Chine Mielville, which sounds like a good Old French Whore name. I may adopt it at some point in my checkered future! It's science-fiction, and if you pooh-pooh the genre and say you only read 'serious lit-rature, da-ling!' then I feel sorry for your lame ass. I mean, c'mon! 'Mona Lisa Overdrive'? 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'? 'The Secret'? Haha, just kidding about 'The Secret'. It's just plain fiction. Anyway, I was trying to find a decent review of this book to post here, which I purchased with actual cash and paid hard-cover price because it sounded so AWESOME!!!!!!! I went to the Guardian UK, and read this famous author's review on that sight, thinking that posting that one might impart some much-needed intellectual cache upon yours truly, but it felt to me more like she was waxing her own dolphin, and just well, trying too hard. What she doesn't tell you is that this book, besides being pretty fucking smart, is actually also quite hilarious in parts, and just a plain old good read. There were a few times when I came to the end of a sentence that made me furrow my brow and scratch my head while making my 'Scooby-Doo' questioning noises and dig out the fucking dictionary for the 16th time that night, and I then I would burst out laughing. If you are smarter than I is, and you probably are, (or maybe not, you ARE reading this blog) it might not be as much of a stretch. It was a little challenging at times, but I likes me a challenge! (As in..."I'm approaching middle age and life isn't hard enough as it is for a half-breed Indian from Tacoma married to an asshole of epic proportions. Hmmm, let's see...I know! Architecture! All the pain of medical school without any of the monetary reward at the end! OK, I need to exercise. Should I take up tennis or maybe ride a bike? Oh hell no, let's do Ballet! My monkey mind won't settle down, I should try to meditate. Meditation book or cd, perhaps? No, let's start out with a Silent Meditation Retreat in the middle of nowhere! Where you have to sit and meditate for 10 1/2 hours a day! And not watch tv, or read, or write, or listen to music or anything, or look another person in the eye! And eat vegan food! For 10 Whole Days!!" You see how I am wired? I am constantly trying to grab things just out of my reach...it's exhausting.) So what I am trying to say in my very wordy way is this book is not for the mentally indigent Debbie Macomber fan, but is well worth the effort. Whew! I know now you're wondering, "How does she even know who Debbie Macomber is?" Well, that's another story and since I like my job (I mean as far as jobs go, which are things that they have to PAY you to do) I'll keep my mouth shut about that. OK, now I gotta get my lazy backside up off the couch (thanks, laptops!) and make something to eat, because I don't live in a bio-house that will manufacture my dinner for me. Read the fucking book.

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