A Few of My Favorite Things...



I love making fun of stupid deluded fundamentalist Christian (Motto: "We put the 'mental' in fundamentalism!") republicans (That was just one giant oxy-moron, wasn't it?), but I can't mock them any better than they mock themselves. Christine O'Donnell: Really?? A Candidate? For what? Involuntary mandatory sterilization? ('Cause I don't want her breeding, or is it too late? Has she already spawned? Fuck, I shudder at the thought.) Drug testing? 'Cause she must be high! The bitch is just stone cold fuck nuts as Lewis Black would say. Or as my muse/friend Daniel(from now on referred to as MFD) says she is a "superstitious-magical-thinking-fairy-tale ignorant dumb ass predator fascist". I hope she falls on hard times and has to do hard-core porn to support her huffing habit. What??? A girl can dream...


  1. watching any video of that bitch is very inspiring.. makes the ink flow...

  2. was that just that one paragraph..?